General Assembly 2021

General Assembly February 24’th, 2021

Attendees: Frode Stig Nørgaard Pedersen, Morten Kempf, Magnus Ibsen Rishøj and Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen.

The meeting followed the agenda described in our bylaws (scroll down to see them in english)

1. Election of meeting director.

Frode S. N. Pedersen was elected as director.

2. Chairman’s account

An account of the time between the last general assembly till this one was presented. It started by going into detail with the pre-corona activities that were present within the club during the fall of 2019, such as lectures, problem solving and game reviews, which didn’t take place before this period in an as organized manner. Tournament results as well as the initiatives that were taken were recapped.

It then went on to describe the time throughout Corona and the lockdown of spring 2020 till fall 2020. While Corona messed up our regular activities and significantly diminished the interest in the game, it also came with some positive aspects. The danish go community has never been as united as it is now, as a direct result of all activities going online. The danish Discord channel ( is a great initiative to keep information flowing, and to meet up with people from different cities. It really did turn into a sort of online national go club for a while.

Then came the post-lockdown period of fall 2020, and the club opened up once more. It was great to see both old and new faces attending club nights. Basic lectures started up again and a general interest in the game and our club steadily increased again.

Christmas 2020 unfortunately closed us down once more, due to new restrictions and ensuing lockdown. Fortunately, enough interest seemed to have been withheld and so we continued online. Since then, we have met up almost every Wednesday night, for which I am very grateful, although the enthusiasm for hosting lectures and other initiatives have gone down significantly.  

I am very much looking forward to the vaccines and the warmer weather kicking in, so that we may go back to our regular schedule. I hope that we can assemble soon and once more work together towards a collective goal. I’m very proud of our progress and of your efforts! You have shown incredible perseverance. Thank you all for making this club feel welcoming and fun to be part of.

3. Presentation of financial accounts

Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen presented our expenses and revenue for the past two years. The club is still at a deficit, owing ~800 to Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen. The amount is expected to be covered this year, through membership fees and potential revenue from hosting the danish championship.

There have been a few missing membership fees. This is most likely due to the inconvenience of not having Mobile Pay associated with our club. Another reason might be that we have not been enforcing the membership fee rigorously enough, and in the end, everyone involved simply forgot about it. Previous fees for 2019 and 2020 will not be enforced for those of you who forgot, or otherwise have not paid for one reason or another. 

4. Adjustment of membership fee

Membership fees have increased from 200 to 300 a year for regular members, while Students and young people of 20 years or less remain at 100 a year. As a note, I would like to remind the reader that being part of the Danish Go Association (Dansk Go Forbund (DGF) costs us 100 for regular members and 50 for people of 20 years or less. All amounts are given in Danish Crowns (DKK). The fee remains to be collected on an annual basis, with the next being collected during March 2021. The reason behind the increase is that we need more / new material and to repay current debt. 

5. Approval of budget

The budget for this year is approved. We’re looking at repaying Rasmus, and hopefully manage to achieve a minor surplus that can be spent on maintaining our games.

6. Incoming Suggestions

No incoming suggestions.

7. Election of chairman

Frode S. N. Pedersen is elected as chairman for 2021.

8. Election of treasurer

Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen is elected as treasurer for 2021.

9. Election of 1-3 ordinary members of the board

Magnus Ibsen Rishøj and Morten Kempf are elected as board members for 2021.

10. Election of 1 accountant

Morten Kempf is elected as accountant for 2021.

11. Miscellaneous 

11.1 A policy has been determined with regards to when we should start asking new members for the annual membership fee. It has been decided that after three months of activity, a new member will be asked to officially join the club, which includes paying the annual fee.

11.2 A yearly or bi-yearly in-house tournament was discussed, and in general an increase in club activities is wanted by everyone attending. 

11.3 An in-house ladder was brought up again, and will most likely be implemented once we can meet up in person again.

11.4 There was an interest in inviting the other clubs in Denmark to participate in a team tournament. The specific format is yet to be determined but something along the lines of 3 members per team, without limit on how many teams per club. 

11.5 Opening up a bank account, and getting the club a CVR number was discussed. Frode will look into how much that will cost us and how feasible it is. 

11.6 As a part of getting more streamlined with the membership fee, it should be expected that all members will be charged for 2021 within the next month.

11.7 Mobile Pay has been added. If people want to pay using Mobile Pay, use Frode S. N. Pedersen’s number (+4522421392) and he will make sure the amount is forwarded to the Club.