General Assembly 2022

Suggestions to be discussed at the General Assembly during point 6 (incoming suggestions):

  • Someone should go through the available banks and figure out the price range of having an organization account
  • The club ladder games should be played every X week (I suggest every 2 weeks) to get it propperly started
  • Branch out and create inter-club games. There are already innitiatives in the works to host Aarhus-Thisted games.
  • Create a sort of ‘high score’ which resets every X months, for most games played in the period. The winner, the player at the end of the period, should receive some kind of token prize. This high score should be created, maintained and updated on this site (possibly once a month)
  • At least 2 people from the board should have access to the CVR accounts
  • Change of password on the club gmail account
  • Club finances should be accessible to the board, i.e. stored somewhere in a cloud (google, onedrive etc)
  • A list of Club members should be accessible one the site
  • Assign someone to be in charge of the webpage, to ensure that our sites are updated at least every X (I suggest 1) months.
  • Assign a position of event-manager to someone. This person should be the club’s primary coordinator and innovator with regards to go related events. Examples of this could be organizing one day mini tournaments or a workshop following some theme. The person does not need to be hosting these events, merely plan them. If individuals have ideas as to something they’d like to do, the can arrange it together with the ‘event-manager’. it’s easiest to leave the planning to someone who has the broader overview of coming events.

General Assembly 2022, May 11’th – Agenda

1. Election of meeting director.

2. Chairman’s account

3. Presentation of financial accounts

4. Adjustment of membership fee

5. Approval of budget

6. Incoming Suggestions

7. Election of chairman

8. Election of treasurer

9. Election of 1-3 ordinary members of the board

10. Election of 1 accountant

11. Miscellaneous 

Notes from General Assembly 2022, May 11’th

Atendees: Frode S. N. Pedersen, Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen, Sander Land and Marcus Zobbe Noer.

The meeting followed the agenda described in our bylaws and shown above.

1. Election of Meeting director:
Frode S. N. Pedersen was elected as the meeting director.

2. Chairman’s account:
An account of the time between the last general assembly and this was given. It did not contain a whole lot of information, as it was merely a rundown of the larger events to have happened within the club, such as the opening up after a period of Covid-19 lockdown, the hosting of the Danish Championship, our Christmas Go and the coming and going of members.

3. Presentation of the financial account
Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen presented our finances for the year 2021. After a few minor corrections everything looked fine. Looking into a year of surplus where we can start buying more materials.

4. Adjustment of membership fee:
It was unanimously agreed upon that the membership fee should stay where it’s at. See the about section for more details.

5. Approval of budget:
The attendees voted in favour of spending the incoming surplus on new equipment such as proper bowls, clocks and possibly new boards, as the current boards show signs of wear and tear.

6. Incoming suggestions:
The list seen at the top of this page was gone through.

6.1: It was agreed that Frode S. N. Pedersen will be looking into the cost of establishing a bank account. He will return with his findings in 14 days, so that the club may vote on which bank to use.

6.2: It was determined by a majority vote, that the in-house ladder tournament should be featured more prominently at the club, with one game a month (every 4 week). The current ladder will be closed within a couple of months, and a new one will start up following it, with updated ranks and members, to get a proper tournament going. Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen will be in charge of this.

6.3: The attendees all showed enthusiasm towards the suggestion of branching out and create events with other Go Clubs. The consensus was that it opened up new opportunities but the specific implementation would have to be discussed further, as nothing was settled yet.

6.4: The idea of a high-score was not deemed a good idea and as such was voted against.

6.5: It was agreed that at least 2 people from the board should have access to the CVR account at any point, to ensure that the club does not rely on one person alone and to prevent the loss of access in case of illness or worse.

6.6: The idea of updating the club’s gmail account password was agreed upon. The update happened within the same day.

6.7: The suggestion was moot, as the feature is already present within the club’s google account spreadsheets.

6.8: The suggestion was moot, as the feature is already present within the club’s google account spreadsheets.

6.9: It was suggested that a member of the club should be in charge of updating the club’s webpage. Sander Land agreed to be responsible for updating it at least once a month.

6.10: Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen volunteered to be the club’s official public event organizer with the assistance of Marcus Z. Noer. They are going to be in charge of scheduling and facilitate more club events, such as grill-n’-go etc.

A few extra suggestions was mentioned during the assembly:

6.11: (EXTRA) It was suggested that a beginner curriculum was created and maintained on the webpage, so that newcomers would have an idea of where to start, as the learning curve is quite steep. Marcus Z. Noer and Sander Land will create a draft of how such a curriculum could look like and present it to the members of the club before the start of the new semester (1’st September 2022).

6.12: (EXTRA) It was suggested that we have a greater public presence. This was unanimously agreed to be a good idea, although the concrete implementation is still to be discussed. For now, we settled on increasing the amount of images that we put forth on the facebook page.

7. Election of chairman:
The vote was unanimous and in favor of Frode S. N. Pedersen to be elected as the club’s chairman of 2022.

8. Election of treasurer:
The vote was unanimous and in favor of Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen to be elected as the club’s treasurer of 2022.

9. Election of ordinary board members:
Sander Land volunteered to join the board as an ordinary board member of 2022. Due to the vote in section 10, he lost the status of ordinary board member again, as he was elevated to the position of accountant.

10. Election of accountant:
The vote was unanimous and in favor of Sander Land to be elected as the club’s accountant of 2022.

11. Miscellaneous:
It was mentioned that the club would benefit from having a more precise and concrete mission statement of what it hopes to achieve in the coming year. It was agreed that within a couple of months a draft of such statements should be created and discussed within the club.

Finally, as the meeting director, I would like to thank the attendees for showing up and making it a fun and interesting general assembly.
– Frode