The Warehouse Tournament

Aarhus Go club would like to invite all go players, both Danish and international, to a friendly Go tournament in ‘Det Bruunske Pakhus’. It will take place 11:00-17:00 on Sunday the 12’th of June, at Kirkestræde 3, 7000 Fredericia. Registration starts 10:50. Signup is done by sending us a mail at

Tournament Rules:

1. The tournament will be reported as a Class C EGF tournament, meaning that results will be weighed by a factor of 0.5.
2. The tournament will be using the MacMahon system for pairing (using version 3.9 of the MacMahon program).
3. When possible, inter club games will be prioritized, so that players will be paired up with someone they do not usually play against.
4. Time settings are as follows: 25 minutes Main Time followed by Canadian Byoyomi of 20 stones in 5 minutes.
5. Games will be played with a reduced handicap of 3 stones, meaning a 1kyu would have to give 2 stones against a 6kyu and a 2dan would play white with a komi of 0.5 against a 3kyu. In the same vein, a 2dan would play an even game against a 2kyu, as the handicap would normally be 3 stones.
6. All even games will be played with a komi of 6.5, with the starting colour randomized using nigiri.
7. All handicap games will be played with a komi of 0.5 for white and the stronger player will play white.
8. The tournament will run for 3 rounds, and the winner will be the one with the highest score according to the MacMahon system by the end of the third round.

Additional Information

We would like to encourage players of all strengths to participate, to create as diverse a tournament as possible.

Signing up for the tournament should be done by sending an email to, where you state your name, club initials and your EGF rank. If you do not have an EGF ranking yet, this is not a problem and we will handle that at the tournament.

This tournament aims to bridge the gap between the clubs, with an emphasis on the social aspects. Therefore, the atmosphere is encouraged to be informal and friendly. Do not expect to play in complete silence and at the highest performance level.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and send us a mail and we will be more than happy to clarify.

We look forward to seeing you all,
Aarhus Go Club.

List of signed up players:

NamePlayer StrengthClub
Mathis Isaksen4danKøbenhavns Go Klub (KGK)
Patrick Pitters2danFlensburg Go Klub (FL)
Olaf Engel2danFlensburg Go Klub (FL)
Kjeld Petersen1kyuSønderborg Go Klub (SGK)
Rasmus Bisschop-Larsen4kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Frode S. Nørgaard Pedersen5kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Sander Land6kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Kasper Kristensen6kyuOdense Go Klub (OGK)
Rasmus Thorsøe7kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Sebastian Edin7kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Finn Nørgaard8kyuOdense Go Klub (OGK)
Hauke Ingmar Schmidt8kyuFlensburg Go Klub (FL)
Marcus Zobbe Noer13kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)
Peter Mader14kyuAarhus Go Klub (AAR)


The tournament was a great success, and I would like to thank everyone who participated. I am convinced this is something that could be run again. We will take a look at what could be done better with regards to supplies and material and on whether a change of format could bring an improvement to the overall experience. Because the focus of this tournament was on socializing and inter-club games, a lot of the pairings resulted in handicap games.

Sebastian Edin and Kasper Kristensen were unable to attend.

Below are the results of the tournament:

PlaceNameClubLevelScoreRound 1Round 2Round 3PointsStart Score
1Mathis I.KGK4dan102+5+/w53+37
2Olaf E.FL2dan91-6+/w24+27
3Patrick P.FL2dan98+/w49+/w51-27
4Kjeld P.SGK1dan99+/w48+/w32-27
5Frode P.AAR5kyu66+1-/b58+24
6Rasmus B-LAAR4kyu55-2-/b27-/w105
7Hauke S.FL8kyu411+/w212+/w36+/b131
8Sander L.AAR6kyu33-/b44-/b35-03
9Rasmus T.AAR7kyu24-/b43-/b510-02
10Finn N.OGK8kyu212-/w311-/w29+11
11Marcus N.AAR13kyu27-/b210+/b212+20
12Peter M.AAR14kyu110+/b37-/b311-10

We changed Kjeld’s rank from 1kyu to 1dan last minute but forgot to update the starting scores. This means that there is a gab between kyu players and dan players which is unintentional. All Dan players should be starting with 6 points but this was not reflected in the tournament and the final score stands as is.

Mathis was the champion of The Warehouse Tournament June 2022. The following prizes were given:

  • Champion: Mathis – 1 Bottle of Rosé wine and a box of licorice chokolade
  • Players with 3 wins: Mathis and Hauke – 1 Bottle of Rosé wine each
  • Best DDK: Marcus – $45 gift certificate for go magic
  • 2 SDK: Hauke and Finn each received $25 gift certificates for go magic for best performances

Finaly, once again, we would like to thank all participants for spending your Sunday with us.